Get paid to complete offers and how to get offers and surveys to credit better tips and tricks

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Published: 04th May 2010
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Being in the GPT industry for more than 4 years I know how frustrating it is to spend your valuable time completing long and boring survey offers just to get them denied by the GPT website. If that sounds familiar then continue reading and discover what you can do to in order to get your survey offers credit much better.

Most newbies fail to follow a set of simple and easy to use tips and tricks which is also the main reason why people don't get paid by GPT websites and Paid Survey companies. Below are one of the most valuable tips and tricks everyone interested in making extra income from home with Get Paid To sites should learn.

1. Complete an offer only once

This is very important. If you have completed the same offer even on another GPT website then you cannot complete it again elsewhere. To make life easier for yourself you can use notepad or GPTtracker to keep track on offers you have already completed.

2. Only use your real information and a valid e-mail address

There no point in using fake/fraudulent information when completing offers and surveys. What's the point in lying about your address? Nobody can do anything to really harm you financially or otherwise using just your address. I bet your address is publicly available in yellowpages anyway.

A valid e-mail address is also a must. There's no point in using an e-mail address that doesn't exist because advertisers will find out about that easily by looking whether or not it's possible to actually send e-mails to you. If they can't send you an e-mail then your paid survey offer will be reversed.

3. Allow cookies to be stored on your computer

Cookies are a way for the GPT website to track your activity. Common sense tells you that if you don't allow cookies to be stored on your computer the GPT website will not know what you're doing or if you're completing the offer at all. To allow cookies follow these simple steps:

* In Internet Explorer go to: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy tab.

* Your display should read "Accept all cookies." Also, check your Advanced tab and make sure that "Override automatic cookie handling" is NOT checked.

* In FireFox cookies shouldn't be a problem, so it's better if you use FireFox. It's safer than Internet Explorer too!

Hint: some users find it easier to just use one browser for doing offers and another for regular internet activities.

4. Clearing your internet cache and cookies

Yet another very important aspect of successfully completing offers and surveys is to clear your browser cache and cookies. For the best results it's recommended to clean your cookies and cache using a simple tool called CCleaner.

NB! Only clean your cache and cookies BEFORE clicking on the offer's link. Do not clear your cookies while completing an offer because it will ruin your entire work.

5. Use only one computer to complete offers! Using computers at public places like schools or at work will increase your chance of not getting credited because someone else might have used that computer to complete offers. You should only use your home computer with your own Internet connection.

These are the most important tips and tricks one must know before even going to try and complete offers and surveys on GPT websites. There are many more aspects to it however.

Another thing worth to mention is that before joining any GPT program make sure you do your homework on them. Search more information about them and find out what others are talking about the program on public places like forums and message boards. Don't waste your time with questionable programs that can very well just be built only to scam you.

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